At Golden State Home Care we are concerned about the whole person living a life that is empowering, encouraging, stimulating and energizing. Other companies are like a vending machine dispensing semi-qualified caregivers with little experience, to fill a few hours, or similar to someone ordering fast food.  

Golden State’s mission is different. Our goal is to establish a long relationship with you or your loved one, as we are committed to ensuring that our clients are not just existing but LIVING to their full potential. We push through family issues, difficult personalities, depression and loneliness. We are looking for a lasting journey where our company walks step-by-step with you and your family.  Imagine quality time that is remembered with someone by your side sharing a laugh or fun activity, instead of someone sitting in front of the television and on their cell.

At Golden State, our vision focuses on what is true, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.  We take all these attributes and apply them directly to all of our clients.

We establish a personable human connection with our clients and we enjoy our time together, and it all starts with our Director, Tracy Weirick who provides a customized, concierge service by hiring the best caregivers and working with the family needs around the clock.  

We don’t babysit our clients.

We engage.

We interact.

We humanize so there is joy, laughter and excitement.


Our services are unique because we are not a computer software program filling orders but a company that has a heart and soul.


We are doing community together.

Since the medical world is moving into more mechanical matrixes and profitable business models, our goal will be to never forget about the whole person and we will be happy to walk with you during this stage of your life.  Aging is a process and it needs to filled with compassion, kindness and respect. We will create excitement and memories for our client because the art of companionship is a precious gift and should not be missed.

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Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs)


Homemakers & Housekeepers