Golden State Home Care was originally founded in 1995 by Remy Rippens. Remy named the company in honor of her father, Fernando Clavel who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer—and the doctors gave him only six weeks to live. The family decided to bring him, at his request and the protest of the doctors, home so they could make him as comfortable as possible. He lived for another three years.


Remy saw that having her father home not only prolonged his life, but increased his quality of living as well. By staying at home he also had the chance to create life-changing memories, to celebrate every day with his family, and ultimately pass on in peace.


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This experience inspired Remy to create a company around one idea: that every family should have the opportunity for their loved ones to age in the comfort of their own home.

In 2018, Tracy Weirick purchased the company. She has continued on with the same principals, passions, and missions that Remy founded the company on in 1995. Her own mother opted to spend her days at home while receiving care. She understands that aging at home is an opportunity every family should have.

So with this history guiding them, Tracy and the Golden State Home Care team will continue to provide excellent service to those who wish to spend their days at home with the ones they love.