Tracy Weirick was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and completed her education at the University of Southern California.  

Tracy has run various successful businesses and knows firsthand the importance of relationship building and delivering excellent customer service.  These experiences have shown her that helping people was her calling. Tracy turned her attention to the aging and to the industry because she witnessed many people around her concerned about their aging parents and realized that aging needs to be reframed.  

Our executive director, Tracy Weirick, with her son Chris.

Our executive director, Tracy Weirick, with her son Chris.

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Older adults have a rightful claim to be full participants in all spheres of life, socially, culturally, economically and legally.  We all gather momentum as we age. Tracy wants to be a part of this process and is an advocate for the aging. Along with her passion,  Tracy has the influence and perseverance to make changes in this industry by innovating solutions to improve the long term care industry.  We are glad to have her at Golden State Home Care and look forward to the future.